KIT - Glad Lash After Care TLC Gift Set

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1-Wash & Wink 1oz.Cleanser

Glad Lash® Wash and Wink™ is a specially formulated eyelash extension shampoo. The super gentle, botanically infused lash cleanser is oil free and safe for daily use around the eye area. It is the professional quality lash wash for lash lovers with or without extensions. Hydrolyzed silk proteins ensure superior conditioning.

1-Lash Lock(black) Sealant

The key to your lash look, has arrived: Lash Lock® by Glad Lash®. Specifically formulated for use on eyelash extensions, the sealant helps to prolong the life of lashes. Lash Lock® creates a seal around the lashes protecting against sweat, dirt, water, as well as other environmental irritants that may break down the lash adhesive.

1-Eyelash Cleansing Brush

Meet the exceptional eyelash extension cleansing brush by Glad Lash®. This after-care tool is a super gentle yet effective way to clean the lashes and eye area. Safe for use with eyelash extensions, the brush is an ideal at-home retail item for clients and the perfect companion for use with the Glad Lash® Wash & Wink. Cleanse the day (or night) away with the GladGirl® cleansing brush, your lashes will thank you.
And 2 lash brushes all in a cute bag that reads "keep calm and love your lashes"