Lashes- Max 2 Originale/Eyelash Extension Protective Coating Sealant 10 ml.

Hairspray Salon Personal Care

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Max2 Coating sealant will prolong the life of lash extensions by thinly coating the attachment area between the extension and the natural lash. This eyelash extensions sealer protects extended lashes from moisture, oils, perspiration, dust, and debris. This specialized formula helps contour, shape and hold eyelash extensions into place. The coating should not be applied until lash glue has completely cured for 48 hours. The client should apply the coating once the glue has completely cured to increase their retention time.  Clients should apply the sealer/coating every other day for best results. Color: BLACK

GMP Certified 

How To Use:

  • Apply to lash extensions every 2 days
  • Apply sparingly & build up coverage from base to tips
  • Use before make-up

Warning: Sealants may not be compatible with all glues, please check with your manufacturer to confirm compatibility.